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Zoe Glencross Fabric & Home sells printed natural linen fabric for curtains, blinds, soft furnishings and upholstery.  Beginning life as a home grown 'kitchen-table' craft Zoe uses her hand-sketched, block and screen printed designs to create her collections.

The Meadowlands Collection features rural imagery with a contemporary abstract twist, using print to reflect the texture, movement and light of England's rural landscape.   Inspired by the meadows of Cheshire and rugged North Devon coast.      

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It's been an amazing year of creativity, challenges, inspiration and determination.  Life has definitely been full.  I am delighted to be launching Zoe Glencross Fabric & Home.   Whilst it has been a sole venture I could never have done it alone and have been incredibly lucky to have had a wealth of supportive people around me.  I'd like to thank all those who helped me along the way with their endless talents and enthusiasm...

The Plush upholstery team headed up by Andrea for her energy, drive andsound advice.   The great skills of Alice and Charlie must be noted- no sewing task is too small, large or complex!  Thank you to Jan Gamble with her brilliant photographic and styling skills and to Sally W for her sound business advice and positivity.  Thank you to Mum for sewing and Dad for helping out on that very hot photo-shoot day.  Also thanks to the lovely focus groups who helped evaluate my designs. 


News & Notices...


Well Hello Spring 19!!! At last the sun is shining and we can all climb out of our winter hidey holes and get on with our lives which might include all things interiors! As the sunshine floods in it’s lovely to throw open the doors to the garden and with a whole new lease of life just crack on and ‘get things done!’

If you’re sprucing up your kitchen why not add a few new tea towels to freshen up your scheme - available to order exclusivley here online (SHOP HOMEWARE page) in a selecton of my favourite prints.

If you feel the need to ‘get organised’ and tidy up all those bits of paper knocking around in the kitchen drawers did you see our lovely range of stationery that we launched at the back end of last year? Made primarily out of re-cycled materials this lovely collection features our Paper Leaf, Bollin Bird and Honeycomb prints. My favourite for this season is the Honeycomb Stationery in my ever favourite Ocean blue.

If you’re planning to get away from it all with a spring break take a look at our little make-up bags in our North Star and Black Paper Leaf prints. They’re light weight and water resistent and make cute gifts too.

For SPRING 2019 we have launched our lovely and popular Adlington Cowparsley fabric in a gorgeous Vintage Rose colour which blends well with Farrow & Ball’s new Sulking Room Pink paint colour!

Recent mini milestones of my own lately have included recording to camera my little vid about how I began printing on facebook as well as hosting my first Instagram Live feed. I did both in one take so please bear that in mind if you’re watching! :-)) It’s not easy!! Who knew that when I started all this I would have to develop so many other skills…?!!! :-))) Well it’s all a bit of fun even if I do feel very out of my comfort zone.

We’ll be exhibiting at the Cheltenham CABMFF Trade Show in April showing our Nordic Story Collection to lots of new trade customers. Looking forward to this one and it’s always great to catch up with the other brands too as well as stay in a particularly lovely hotel down there.

I’m also planning to hold some public events over the coming months - talking about how I design and print so if you’re interested make sure you sign up to our mailing list to hear about it first….

May your spring be sunny…!